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Cum m-am mutat la casa mea cu bucatarie si cum din cand in cand mai si mananc, am zis c-ar fi cazul sa pun in practica vagile cunostinte de bucatareasa obtinute pe vremea cand stateam pe langa mama ca sa fac forme in castronul cu faina. Si cum frigiderul meu inca nu e aprovizionat corespunzator, am zis ca niste piperchi ar fi cea mai buna alegere.

Piperchi (cu accentul pe “per”) este un fel de mancare machidoneasca – sau aromana, ca sa fim politically correct. Am invatat reteta de la mama, care a invatat-o de la tanti Elena, o doamna in varsta, machidoanca, la care trageam cand mergeam la mare.

Reteta este uber simpla – mai simplu de-atat ar fi doar sa pui ingredientele taiate pe farfurie si sa le mananci cu mana. Sau cu furculita, daca sunt nasuri simandicoase in zona..

Pentru piperchi ai nevoie de niste ardei ceva mai carnosi, rosii si branza. Poti incerca si cu bulion sau pasta daca nu ai sau nu vrei sa toci rosiile, dar gustul si consistenta nu vor fi aceleasi.

Se toaca ardeii cubulete. Marimea lor e la latitudinea fiecaruia. Eu ii tai micuti pentru ca se inmoaie mai usor apoi. Se toaca si rosiile si se pun separat de ardei.

Ardeii se pun la calit intr-o oala/tigaie inaltuta pana se inmoaie coaja. Cand se considera indeajuns de bine facuti, se adauga rosiile si se amesteca. Nu se lasa mult, pentru ca rosiile, mai ales daca sunt zemoase, se vor inmuia imediat. Se condimenteaza cu un pic de sare si ce alte prafuri va mai trec prin cap.

Dupa ce se racoreste putin, se pune in farfurii (cu portii dupa puterea fiecaruia) si se razuie branza deasupra dupa gust si pofta. E de preferat o branza putin mai saratica si mai uscata ca sa nu se stalceasca atunci cand e data pe razatoare.

Si gata piperchi-ul! E simplu, e rapid si e foarte, foarte gustos.

Pofta buna! 😀


Hell, yeah!

Want something? Go get it!

Yes, they will play it rough around you. Ask for some help from friends. They will be more than happy to oblige..

You may have to play games. You may have to follow rules. You may have to invent some new ones.. So the question is: How bad do you want to achieve your goal? Will you be set back by minor obstacles?

Set your priorities, your limits and your no-nos.

After that, set the attack. Ladies, you don’t need instructions for that. You know your tricks better than anyone.. Stand back, charm, flirt if you have to. In the end, if it’s worth it, you will realise you enjoyed every step of the path you took. If you don’ wasn’t yours in the first place.

Feel free to take a step back if you think it’s too much. Peer pressure isn’t your ally. After all, you’re the only one who knows what’s best for you.

And always keep in mind that you have to be comfortable with your actions. If you win the game with someone else’s tactics you’ll realize you don’t want it anymore..

Older is wiser..

Cand iti spune un om ca esti beat, poti sa nu il crezi. Dar daca iti spun doi oameni acelasi lucru, pleaca si te culca!

older-and-wiserCam asa suna intelepciunea mostenita din batrani. Si trecand peste partea mucalita, vorbele astea chiar sunt intelepte. Rabdare, si’am sa explic si de ce.

De cate ori n’a zis fiecare dintre noi ca ar vrea.. ceva? Ceva anume, ce pare sa aiba toata lumea in jur si numai pe noi ne ocoleste? O cariera reusita, un loc de munca mai bun, nota 10 la examen sau un suflet care sa tina de cald intr’o seara tarzie? Si fiecare a incercat, si’a facut tot ce’a crezut ca’i sta in putinta. Rezultatul insa, a fost de fiecare data inselator si departe de idealul stabilit.

Si’acum intra in scena intelepciunea din batrani. Si traducerea suna cam asa: Atata timp cat ai incercat o singura data sa’ti atingi idealul si nu ti’a iesit, ai voie sa mai incerci o data dupa regulile tale. Chiar de doua ori, daca esti foarte incapatanat. Dar numai un prost cu ochii lipiti ar folosi aceeasi strategie din nou si din nou dupa ce a dat gres cu ea.

Din pacate, multi dintre noi (si nici eu nu fac exceptie) suntem astfel de prosti. Si fiecare dintre noi se minte ca are de’a face cu oameni diferiti, asa ca nu conteaza prea mult. Fiecare merge pe ideea ca ce n’a mers la X o sa mearga la Y. Si pana sa realizam ca ideologia asta e gresita de la radacina, ne invartim in cerc, facand aceleasi greseli, ajungand la aceleasi rezultate si plangandu’ne de mila.

Majoritatea copiilor cuminti isi propun diferite teluri cand incepe un an nou. Eu imi propun unul cat o suta: sa nu’mi repet greselile! Si fie ca in 2014 sa scriu despre cat de fraiera am fost in 2012 ca nu m’am purtat ca in 2013!

Final de an

Cum sfarsitul lumii n’a mai venit sa ma scape de necesitatea de’a ma gandi la un nou an, ma simt obligata si sa’mi amintesc de 2012 si sa fac planuri pentru 2013.

2012.. Duca’se! Gandindu’ma la el nu cred ca o sa spun vreodata ca e anul meu preferat. Dar daca e sa fim corecti, de la varsta asta incolo tare ma tem ca nu va fi niciun an ala de pe primul loc din top. Devenim cu totii din ce in ce mai acizi (da, se poate..), mai egoisti. Incepem sa deschidem ochii, inchizand in schimb sufletul in fata bucuriei. Asa ca, probabil, “cel mai frumos an” s’a intamplat candva cand eram mica, n’aveam examene, nu’mi cautam de munca si stiam ca trebuie sa fiu cuminte ca sa vina Mosu’.

Dar fie cum o fi! 2012 pleaca si nu se mai intoarce. Pleaca si cu momentele frumoase si cu cele pe care nu am vrea sa ni le mai amintim vreodata. Din toate invatam, toate ne modeleaza fiinta si ar trebui apreciate, la fel, toate. Usor de spus, greu de facut..

Ce planuri aveti pentru 2013? Cu siguranta cu totii ne credem zmei si ne propunem sa rasturnam luna de pe cer anul ce vine. Eu am sa fiu realista si’am sa va doresc sa va iasa cel putin jumatate din tot ce va doriti de la anul ghinionist. Va mai doresc sa nu va fi picat rau sarmalele si caltabosii, sa nu va fi parlit in artificii si sa nu fi ramas pe undeva blocati in ceata (zapada n’avem de revelion, se pare).

Sa ne citim sanatosi si la anu’!

The WTFs of 50 shades of grey

A gazillion words have been said and written about this book. And yet, here I come with my own opinion, that was probably already considered by hundreds of smart ladies.

I started reading th bestseller at the recommendation of a good friend, with the mention: “It gives you some new ideas in spicing your personal life.”. Which was pretty odd, considering she’s quite shy and reserved when it comes to matters happening behind closed doors. Or so I thought, at least.

The very first part of the book (before they got to the debasement and all) gave me the impression that the writer really knows her stuff and that it’s going to be a good read. The interview scene was perfectly depicted and I could almost feel the electric charge between Christian and Ana radiating from the pages of the book and filling my room. So far, so good, what a great book, I said to myself, wondering how could people have such bad opinions about it. But then, as my innocence shattered, I realized 50 shades of grey is mostly the new-age Sandra-Brown-kind-of-literature. How disappointing.

Now, I’m not that much against a pornographic interpretation of Twilight. At least Christian seems to be smoking hot, whereas Edward is only misunderstood and sparkly. BUT! Considering the consumers of this kind of literature, this book is so wrong on so many levels. First of all, dumb teenage girls across the world will now believe that the very first guy they’ll meet has to and will be the center of their universe, and no matter what he asks, his wish must be their command. How very medieval, don’t you think? There should be a preface to this book saying: This is pure fucked-up fiction! Don’t follow the main ideas in this book if you ever plan on having a normal life!

I believe at this point a large number of ladies frown and revolt, thinking I acuse them all of being perfect idiots. Well, that was definitely not my point. But, returning to the Twilight analogy, let’s think how many girls thought vampires are oh, so cool after reading the aforementioned book. It’s pretty much the same with 50 shades of grey. As if there weren’t already enough women without a saying in their relationships, this situation will now become cool and desirable by younger and younger ladies, given that the sex is good and the guy is hot (rich also helps). And since I imagine there are few mothers outside of USA reading this book, no one will tell sixteen years old girls around the world to stand their ground.

I’m sure the writer’s intention wasn’t to affect the future of young girls, but to share some of her experiences and tendencies (the scenes are way too vivid to have been written by a puritan), while making some extra cash, to a grown-up audience that can properly digest this kind of literature. But, since marketing is a bitch and the main character is a woman in her young twenties, look in whose hands is this book.

Now I’ll admit I’m lazy and haven’t even finished the first book yet, but I did take a quick look at the ending, and also did some research with good ol’ Google. Guess what, they live happily ever after. New-age fairytale, didn’t I tell you? Which, again, is probably taken as anything but a fairytale by young girls that should be thinking about finishing high school instead of looking for an obscenely rich CEO that will fuck them into oblivion. But then again, what do I know.. Perhaps only around me CEOs aren’t in their twenties. And if they are, they have a niche business nobody cares about, are spoiled bastards that have their parents thinking for them or still struggle to graduate from some private, obscure university.

Conclusion? Please read 50 shades of grey so you won’t think I’m a judgemental, jealous bitch that has nothing better to do than trash a bestseller. And while indulging yourself in reading please don’t forget to keep a cup of cynicism by your side, so you won’t get overwhelmed.

Useful tips when flying

– Weight your baggage at home if possible and make sure it doesn’t exceed 20-23 kilograms. It will sped things up.

– Better avoid liquids in your hand luggage. At all.

– Keep your documents close so you won’t have to google for them through your purse.

– Smile. 🙂 It does work better on foreign airports, but you can as well try it in Romania too. You’ve got nothing to lose, really.

– Activate your Roaming before leaving Romania. You need a password in order to do that, and if you didn’t settle one, it’s the number of your ID card (if you’re not a PrePay user, that is, case in which I have no idea how it works).

– Chew gum until the plane reaches full altitude, but mostly when it’s about to land.

This post goes to my dear soulmate. :)

Pentru ca sunt o persoana foarte inteleapta si generoasa, tin musai sa impartasesc vastele mele cunostinte cu cei din jurul meu. M’as face psiholog, dar facultatea de psihologie mi se pare o pierdere de timp mai mare decat facultatea de electronica. Dar sa nu deviem de la subiect..

N’o sa incep prin a enumera multele avantaje ale statutului de persoana singura. Nici n’o sa pun in balanta avantajele si dezavantajele unui iubit. Le stim cu totii si le auzim si reauzim de la prietenii nostri tot timpul. O sa spun doar ca fiecare perioada trebuie savurata.

Nu te uita la filme cheesy, nu suspina dupa o poza frumoasa si nu lasa orice prost sa te deprime. Nici macar pentru cinci minute! Pentru asta ai sesiune si examene si mosnegi care’ti zic despre viata. Nu privi inapoi si nici prea departe in viitor. Traieste acum ceea ce primesti. Fa’ti de cap si trimite la origini pe oricine iti spune ca n’ar trebui sa faci asta.

Asculta de vocea ratiunii (care’s eu in cazul de fata), dar nu mereu. Si eu am nevoie sa ascult de tine, ca sa pot visa mai mult.

Daca simti ca vreunul trebuie trimis naibii, trimite’l. Daca simti ca meriti mai mult, cere mai mult. Daca nu ti se da, cere din alta parte. Daca simti ca nu’i acolo locul tau, pleaca. Si nu privi inapoi. Si daca totusi privesti inapoi, adu’ti aminte ca eu sunt fix in stanga ta ca sa’ti dau una peste ceafa. Propriul tau dracusor..

So what is cloud computing?

Sa luam un exemplu uzual, cu care e familiarizat orisicine: Facebook.

Pentru putinele persoane care nu stiu despre ce e vorba, Facebook este o retea de socializare la nivel international, unde scrii de ce esti tu atat de grozav incat altii sa’si doreasca sa fie prietenii tai. Uploadezi poze, scrii pe wall cand te’ai spalat pe dinti ultima data si te minunezi de cat de repede cresc capsunile la ferma prietenului no. 542.

Atunci cand iti schimbi poza de profil de pe Facebook, tu o incarci si salvezi pe un server de unde o culege o aplicatie specifica. Serverul poate fi in Pakistan, la fel de bine cum poate sa fie la tine in oras. Partea frumoasa e ca tie nu’ti pasa de treaba asta, pentru ca toate serverele astea sunt multe, departe si in afara razei tale de actiune. In nor, carevasazica..

Nimic care sa’ti incarce memoria PC’ului, sa’ti manance din rami si asa mai departe.. Toate conexiunile logice se fac undeva pe un server ascuns de ochii rai ai lumii, iar tu doar intinzi mana si iei resursele de care ai nevoie, cand ai nevoie. Nu ai nevoie de serverul tau dedicat, propriu si personal, scump la achizitie si intretinere. Altii se ocupa de asta, iar tu platesti doar ce folosesti. Cand platesti, that is. Facebook, serviciile de e-mail, platformele pentru bloguri..acestea sunt servicii gratuite.

Aparent, folosesc cloud computing de multi ani incoace. E bine ca acum stiu si ce e aia. 🙂

*To keep it short and sweet, cloud computing is using resources your computer doesn’t store.