Looking for Alaska. Afterthoughts

I’ve seen the title a million times on elefant.ro, yet I never wanted to take the time and check the story behind. That was until I read a quote on facebook. A quote so touching and so down to Earth and sentimental in the same time that I felt this is a have-to-read book.

The book was given to me as an early Christmas gift. It was the most easily granted wish I ever made and it taught me how little it takes to make someone truly happy. And for that I want to send a huge “Thank you!” to the person giving this lesson to me.

Contrary to my habit, I did not read Looking for Alaska in one breath. Simply because this isn’t the kind of book you read in one afternoon. Its main character lives and actually enjoys doing so and after the first 20 pages you feel you should do the same.

It’s true Alaska dies in the middle of the story. You might say this shows she wasn’t very fond of living after all. But just like Olguta, from La Medeleni, she lives while others only exist. The book isn’t as much about the actions or choices of its characters. It’s mostly about why we are here and why at some point we won’t be here anymore. It’s about looking forward to your future, maybes and all those great questions you have as a teenager. Pudge is just an actor that guides you through this labyrinth.

Though it’s a young adult book, there are pieces of knowledge transcending this. And they make you think about your everyday choices in ways you did not consider possible. I liked the book mostly for this and especially for the line below, read under ten layers of bubbly foam in a hot tub.

“Everything that comes together falls apart.”


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implicata de multe ori in mai mult decat pot duce..ca tot romanu'.. in rest, oama inclinata spre vacisme cu cei care merita.

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