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The WTFs of 50 shades of grey

A gazillion words have been said and written about this book. And yet, here I come with my own opinion, that was probably already considered by hundreds of smart ladies.

I started reading th bestseller at the recommendation of a good friend, with the mention: “It gives you some new ideas in spicing your personal life.”. Which was pretty odd, considering she’s quite shy and reserved when it comes to matters happening behind closed doors. Or so I thought, at least.

The very first part of the book (before they got to the debasement and all) gave me the impression that the writer really knows her stuff and that it’s going to be a good read. The interview scene was perfectly depicted and I could almost feel the electric charge between Christian and Ana radiating from the pages of the book and filling my room. So far, so good, what a great book, I said to myself, wondering how could people have such bad opinions about it. But then, as my innocence shattered, I realized 50 shades of grey is mostly the new-age Sandra-Brown-kind-of-literature. How disappointing.

Now, I’m not that much against a pornographic interpretation of Twilight. At least Christian seems to be smoking hot, whereas Edward is only misunderstood and sparkly. BUT! Considering the consumers of this kind of literature, this book is so wrong on so many levels. First of all, dumb teenage girls across the world will now believe that the very first guy they’ll meet has to and will be the center of their universe, and no matter what he asks, his wish must be their command. How very medieval, don’t you think? There should be a preface to this book saying: This is pure fucked-up fiction! Don’t follow the main ideas in this book if you ever plan on having a normal life!

I believe at this point a large number of ladies frown and revolt, thinking I acuse them all of being perfect idiots. Well, that was definitely not my point. But, returning to the Twilight analogy, let’s think how many girls thought vampires are oh, so cool after reading the aforementioned book. It’s pretty much the same with 50 shades of grey. As if there weren’t already enough women without a saying in their relationships, this situation will now become cool and desirable by younger and younger ladies, given that the sex is good and the guy is hot (rich also helps). And since I imagine there are few mothers outside of USA reading this book, no one will tell sixteen years old girls around the world to stand their ground.

I’m sure the writer’s intention wasn’t to affect the future of young girls, but to share some of her experiences and tendencies (the scenes are way too vivid to have been written by a puritan), while making some extra cash, to a grown-up audience that can properly digest this kind of literature. But, since marketing is a bitch and the main character is a woman in her young twenties, look in whose hands is this book.

Now I’ll admit I’m lazy and haven’t even finished the first book yet, but I did take a quick look at the ending, and also did some research with good ol’ Google. Guess what, they live happily ever after. New-age fairytale, didn’t I tell you? Which, again, is probably taken as anything but a fairytale by young girls that should be thinking about finishing high school instead of looking for an obscenely rich CEO that will fuck them into oblivion. But then again, what do I know.. Perhaps only around me CEOs aren’t in their twenties. And if they are, they have a niche business nobody cares about, are spoiled bastards that have their parents thinking for them or still struggle to graduate from some private, obscure university.

Conclusion? Please read 50 shades of grey so you won’t think I’m a judgemental, jealous bitch that has nothing better to do than trash a bestseller. And while indulging yourself in reading please don’t forget to keep a cup of cynicism by your side, so you won’t get overwhelmed.