If anyone tells you college won’t change you, don’t you believe them. They’re just screwing with you.

Take me for example. Before college I was “Hell no, my organism won’t see caffeine more than twice a year. And I’ll sleep as much as I want, just because I can. And yeah, maybe I’ll let you live with that stupidity you just said.”.

Then, some beautiful things appeared into my life. We call them exams. And then I was “Hell with it, give me my coffee.”. It wasn’t an everyday habit, but still. From two or three times a year, I got to two or three times a week.

And that’s only on the outside. “What could possibly happen inside you?”, you might ask. Well, do you have a bitch’ometer? Mine broke last week. I guess the fluid inside just couldn’t handle the pressure anymore..

And now it’s exams time again. And I’m all upside’down. Again. This time, I’ve turned bio. Like how fucked up is that? Now, instead of my occasionally coffee I have my everyday black tea. And green tea every evening. I try and exercise as often as I can (that is as often as I’m in the mood for it). I did a thorough schedule, wrote it down and duct taped it to my closet so I won’t forget what I have to do. I’m sleeping 7-8 hours per night, cause I’ve read somewhere that’s the amount of time you need to rest in order to have a healthty, boring long life. Next thing you’ll see me doing some yoga workout, inspired by some tutorial from YouTube. Wait, I already did that yesterday..

Now that’s not entirely awful or hideously wrong. But it’s a (really) major change in a (really) short period of time. And I blame college. Not adolescence, not turning 20 next week (I’m just being subtile here), not growing’up..just college. Cause believe it or not, everything started a year ago.

So, how were you changed by college? Or highschool if you’re younger? Or your job if you’re older?..

About cowish

implicata de multe ori in mai mult decat pot tot romanu'.. in rest, oama inclinata spre vacisme cu cei care merita.

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  1. 1.20 si 3.00 @ Youtube link :X :X :X

  2. ti’am mai zis..womanizer wannabe 😛

  3. sa zic si eu varianta pentru promiscuous girl ? 😕 neaaa … ma abtin :))

  4. daca eram baiat, asta se numea lovitura sub centura :)) asa..e sub gat, cred 😕

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