Ladies, play needy.

No matter what girlie magazines say about the emancipation of women, if you are one of those that dream to get married, full stop, you really shouldn’t listen to all that rubbish. Because they all sustain that men look for strong, independent women. Well in my opinion that’s the biggest insanity that anyone could approve of to be published.

There is indeed a handful of guys who like their lady independent. But they are so rare that are brought into discussion as an endangered species. Because men need to be fully grown up and accomplished to enjoy the company of a woman that stands as an equal. Well, how many are they in the world? And I have no further questions..

Men like to know that a woman not only wants them, but above all needs them. At least to change the bulb, to kill a bug or to take the dog out if not for something more serious, like financial support.

Yes girls, I know they say “I love you” a thousand times a day and encourage you to fight the system and turn into the best employee of your company if not even start your own business. But tell them you are just fine on your own and then start counting the seconds ‘till the door slaps their backs.

That is why, today’s advice is “Play needy!”. Ask for help when slicing the onions, get him to carry your bags even though they’re light as a feather, pretend to be scared when noticing the smallest spider, take his hand into yours while watching a cheesy film..and I could go on like this forever. But I’m pretty sure you already know what you have to do. It is in our DNA to know what to do when it comes to the opposite sex. So, want a man? Drop the spine, play needy. He’ll come in rescue.

About cowish

implicata de multe ori in mai mult decat pot tot romanu'.. in rest, oama inclinata spre vacisme cu cei care merita.

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