Leapsa nr. 1

De la Ana. Si’avem dupa cum urmeaza:


Available: Not anymore

Age: 18

Annoyance: mancatul zgomotos

Allergic: ceva nedefinit. Inca n’am reusit sa aflu ce anume

Animal: 3 caini si un motan

Actor: Bloom. Orlando Bloom (previzibil, nu?)


Beer: Peroni, Stella, Beck’s si Tuborg

Birthday/Birthplace: 08 septembrie 1990/ Tulcea

Best Friends: some..si numai dupa indelungi torturi 😛

Body part on opposite sex: cheeks, neck and hands

Blind or deaf: none. Imi place sa fiu perfect capabila de orice

Best feeling in the world: there is no such thing

Best weather: warm ‘slash’ hot

Been bitched out: I guess

Been on stage: sure thing

Believe in yourself: da

Believe in life on other planets: dap

Believe in miracles: cred ca da

Believe in God/Satan: da

Believe in Santa: used to

Believe in ghost/spirits: inclin spre da cateodata

Believe in evolution: aia a lui Darwin sau evolutie in general? In ambele cazuri e da. 😛


Car: fiara de 1.4 🙂

Candy: cu cirese sau capsuni

Color: red, pink, yellow

Cried in School: yeah

Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate

Chinese/Mexican: none

Cake/Pie: cake

Countries to visit: Egypt, Peru


Dream vehicle: Ford Mustang

Day/Night: night

Danced: e retorica, nu?

Dance in the rain: not yet

Dance in the middle of the street: yeah..in the dawn

Do the splits: chiar atat de mobila nu’s


Eggs: omleta cu ceapa

Eyes: brownies

Everyone has: intrebari existentiale

Ever failed a class: not yet


First crush: 5th grade

Full name: neah

First thoughts waking up: “iar ma?”

Food: cherries


Greatest fear: things I can’t control

Giver or taker: both

Goals: Za BAC almighty

Gum: Orbit de mango

Get along with your parents?: sure sure :-j

Good luck charms: they’re nice 🙂


Hair: in toate directiile/saten

Height: 1.60 si inca vreo 4-5 cm. depinde cu ce masori

Happy: kinda

Holidays: full

Hate: stupid people

I. (In guys)

Eye Color: brown/black

Hair color: nu blond

Height: cat sa nu ma intind prea mult

Clothing style: nu conteaza

Characteristics: Ça depend

Ice-cream: chocholate


Jewelry: silver only

Job: voluntareasa, tu 😛


Kids: cuminti sa fie!

Kickboxing/karate: none

Keep a journal: din pacate


Longest car ride: 18-20 ore

Love: dap 😀

Letter: 4 or 5

Laughed so hard you cried: can’t remember

Love at first sight: nup


Milk flavour: cah!

Movie: Queen of the Damned 8-}

Mooned anyone: dap 😛

Marriage: I (will) do

Motion sickness: din cate stiu eu..nu

McD’s/BK: Mac’ul


Number of siblings: 1

Number of piercings: 0

Number: 3


Overused phrases: O viata am, ce…!

One wish: sa treaca bacul mai repede

One phobia: spiders, thunderstorms, scary people in the middle of the night in the middle of a plain, wild field..oops, astea’s mai multe asa’i?


Place you’d like to live: Undeva cu multi, multi oameni

Pepsi/Coke: pepsi


Quail: sometimes

Questionnaires: I find them enjoyable


Reason to cry: so many..

Reality TV: not

Radio station: 21?

Roll you tongue in a circle: can’t


Song: Just one? Uhm, I don’t know..

Shoe size: 38-39

Sushi: nu

Skipped School: someone had a bad influence :”>

Slept outside: only during daytime

Seen a dead body: dap

Smoked: nup

Skinny dipped: not yet

Shower daily: even twice a day

Sing well: more or less..inclinand spre ‘less’

In the shower: rar

Swear: eeee, ghici

Stuffed animals: stiuca

Single/group dates: both

Strawberries/blueberries: strawberries

Scientists need to invent: epilatoarele care smulg parul fara durere


Time for bed: intre 8 pm si 4 am

Thunderstormes: hate them

Touch your tongue with your nose: nu pot sa’mi cobor nasul atat de mult 😛


Unpredictable: very

Under the influence: of nothing

Understanding: mai mult decat doza zilnica recomandata


Vegetable you hate: none..I love veggies

Vacation spot: mareeee


Weakness: calcaiul. De fapt, cred ca orgoliul..

When you grow up: one of these days..

Which one of your friends acts most like you: none, I hope 🙂

Who makes you laugh the most: nimeni in mod deosebit

Worst feeling: rejection

Wanted to be a model: when I was really young

Where do we go when we die?: pe’o masa, intr’un sicriu, inconjurati de babe care bocesc 😕

Worst weather: rainy

Walk with a book on you head: da..cu DEX’ul 😀


X-rays: once


Year it is now: 2009 AD


Zoo animal: Vacile nu stau la ZOO 😛

Zodiac sign: virgo

Last person who

1. Slept in a bed beside you: :-“

2. Saw you cry: Florin

3. Went to the movies with you: Ana, prin clasa a noua 😕

4. You went to the mall with: Florin sau maimuta? Nu mai stiu exact.

5. You went to dinner with: My uncle 😀

6. You talked to on the phone: Dad

7. Made you laugh: Kitty&Irina&Ioana

Leapsa merge mai departe la oricine are destula rabdare incat s’o preia. 😛

About cowish

implicata de multe ori in mai mult decat pot duce..ca tot romanu'.. in rest, oama inclinata spre vacisme cu cei care merita.

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